What's behind
every idea?

What’s behind every idea?

What's behind every idea?

Decks done differently

Meet Paste. It’s here to change how you make decks. From aligning everyone on your team to aligning the content on your slides, Paste multitasks so you can focus on what’s important—your ideas.

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From messy ideas to beautiful slides

Write down your brilliant ideas or drop in (literally) anything, then let Paste take care of the formatting. Reactive slides snap everything into place to make your ideas look good in real-time.

Made to be
made together

Get everyone on the same slide. Paste makes it easy to view and edit slides together with the whole team across time zones, locations, and roles. Because none of us is smarter than all of us.

Delegate work

Easily assign the right slides to the right people.

Gather ideas

Team members can add their
work with Paste’s integrations.

Make decisions

Use comments and reactions to decide together with your team.

Made to be made together

Everyone on brand. Always

Set the team up for success with the right fonts, colors, and watermark. When you sign up, Paste automatically adds your branding to every slide—think of a master template, but smarter. Nobody will ever use the wrong blue (or comic sans) again.

Ready to leave your deck building days behind?