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What if you never had to build another slide, ever again? Working in Paste, your team can focus on their ideas instead of slide formatting. Paste is the fastest way to make presentations together.

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Work independently, present with Paste

Drag and drop. Copy and paste. Paste turns videos, online docs, design files and more into polished slides that make the whole team look good.

Everyone on brand. Always.

Set your team up for success with the right fonts, colors and watermark. Just sign in with your company email and Paste automatically adds the colors and logo from your website. It’s like a master template, but smarter. Nobody will ever use the wrong blue (or comic sans) again.

Made for
todays teams

Designed with remote teams in mind, Paste is set up for teams to view, edit and build presentations, together. Because, none of us is as smart as all of us.

Gather ideas

Team members can easily add their work with Paste’s integrations.

Delegate work

Assign slides to team members to delegate tasks.

Make decisions

Slide reactions help you decide as a team.

Stop making slides, start pitching ideas

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