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Gather your team’s input without distractions. Leave a quick reaction or a lengthy comment--vote, flag or mark it “done.” Use Slack to seamlessly pull your work into team conversations or set up a confidential space in a private channel.

Always in sync,
your team and beyond

Create and review in real time. Paste syncs to the cloud, so you always have your team’s latest thinking at your fingertips. Browse, zoom in and download every image, file, and video in full resolution. When you’re ready, present your work in a link, onscreen, or as a PDF.

Use Paper on iPad? You can drag pages directly from Paper into Paste to instantly build on your ideas.

Teams start with Paste.

From brainstorms to strategic design, teams start their work in Paste.

“We‘ve found Paste to be one of the easiest, most fluid ways to get an idea out into the world. Less time formatting and more time crafting a compelling story. We use it for everything ranging from brainstorms, to dev handoffs, to leadership presentations. Beautifully designed product.”

David Packles, Product Management

“It’s always the first tool I turn to on a new project. Initial meetings with clients are very open, casual discussions and it’s just too much effort to design everything perfectly in Keynote. It’s way more useful to keep throwing things in Paste, adding notes as we go and have something pretty to talk through. It’s really crucial for us at the early stages of a project.”

Jack Bentley, Product Design

“We’ve been using Paste as a tool for gathering visual materials in the research phase of article layouts and the development of creative briefs. The Slack integration and ability to collect team feedback through comments have made it easy for our team to collaborate, and organize our ideas visually, to aid in decision making.”

Editorial Team, Artsy

“Formatting ideas, images and animations in Paste is delightful and quick. The integration with Slack and responsiveness of the dev team to our needs has been truly amazing. For these reasons and many more, Paste has become a daily part of the collaborative ideation process at Tendril.”

Chris Bahry, Founder

“Our team adopted Paste once we discovered how quickly and effortlessly you can create a deck when building out mood boards. What used to take at least an hour to design now takes 5 minutes—from start to PDF.”

Alison Garnett, Creative Director and Partner

“Paste is an incredibly beautiful and frictionless way to create presentations and collaborate seamlessly on creative projects. Our team loves it! In a matter of days it shifted the conversation in our company and helped our designers and engineers to arrive at consensus.”

Jonathan Simcoe, Head of Product

And more teams are joining every day.

For Creators

Upload any file, including video
Storyboard view
PDF export

For Collaborators

Slack notifications and previews
Page assignment
Comments and reactions
Desktop and mobile apps

For Administrators

Simple admin and deployment
Cloud security
Guest access
Team colors 


Paste to brings people and ideas together through beautiful workspaces that are super simple to make and share.

Paste is also available on iPhone and iPad